Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life as it happens

Life as it happens

Tak jsem zlobila no a co ?:))) kayzdy máme právo občas na to si dat zakázané ovoce, tedy v tomto případe zakázané hamburgry.byla to velka mňamka.

I have been naughty and so what ??:)) Everyone has the right to eat the forbidden fruit, hem in this case forbidden hamburgers. It was yummy!!!

I got those beautiful flowers !!!!
Dostala jsem Tyto úžasné  kyticky !!!

 My nails for this week :)
 Moje nehtiky pro tento týden :)

Tenhle obrázek je proste suprový a myslím, ze nepotřebuje komentář :)
This picture si just amazing and I don't think it needs any more commenting :)

English whipped cream ice cream in this weather - yeeeeees!!!!
Anglická kremova zmrzlina v tomto počasí - anooooo !!!!!

Film i have seen few days ago - amazing comedy !!! The internship. 
Film, ktery jsem viděla pár dní zpátky - suprová komedie !!! The internship. 

Life as it happens


  1. Great post, its nice to treat yourself sometimes. I love your nails, and I had Mc Donalds as a treat yesterday, xoxo.

  2. Mmm food looks delicious great images3s.

  3. yummy,
    welcome to my blog

  4. looks like so much fun! haha, that barbie picture is too funny!

  5. oh ice cream! nam nam nam! and cute nail polish :)

  6. love the Barbie pic. xoxo